Leading Edge – Volume 12 – Forgiveness and Baggage

Focus on High Performance Teams-Forgiveness and Baggage

  • Forgiveness or the lack of it, impacts communication, workplace tone, conflict and the ability for team members to work effectively together.
  • Forgiveness is the release of all past wrongs, real or perceived but does not eliminate accountability or responsibility.  It is the solemn promise that the offending event will not impact future interactions in an adverse manner.  Forgiveness is burying an event but not forgetting it or the learning that came with it.
  • If we expect or desire forgiveness for our mistakes and failures, we must be willing to grant it freely to others.
  • Failure to grant forgiveness can lead to the creation of cliques among smaller groups of team members.
  • Long-term baggage being drug around can destroy team morale and connectivity.

Let’s get mindful.

If you are experiencing lots of stress, not connecting with others effectively and not achieving the results you desire, Aegis Learning has a program for you.  After a couple of years of research, we are thrilled to offer The Mindful Leader to you in an open enrollment format.  Fully documented with a robust program guide and filled with the six best practices to dramatically improve your mindfulness.  Built for anyone that wants to take a more mindful approach and leaders that want immediately better results from their team.

The Mindful Leader
August 10, 2017
8:30am to 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time
Dixie State University  St. George, UT

August 17, 2017
8:30am to 4:30pm Pacific Standard Time
College of Southern Nevada  Summerlin Campus

Please drop us a note (return email on this is great) if you are interested in receiving more information about this great program.

Have a great week!

Tim Schneider
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Aegis Learning

Leading Edge – Volume 11 – Role Understanding and Impact

Focus on High Performance Teams-Role Understanding and Impact

  • Knowing job functions and accountabilities is the starting point in role understanding for high performing teams.  You have to know what you do and what you are responsible for in the team.
  • High performing teams also know what other team members do.  Not to a level of operational expertise but to know the function and how it impacts final product or service delivery.
  • The best teams take time to map and discuss the impact of various team roles on each other and the overall performance of the group.  This process mapping provides empathy, shared accountability and an overall sense of oneness in a bigger purpose.
  • Job shadowing is a great way to help team members understand other roles and have a positive impact on team engagement at the same time.

Mark your calendars!!!

Leadership IMPACT
August 8 and 9, 2017
8:30am to 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time
Dixie State University  St. George, UT

The Mindful Leader
August 10, 2017
8:30am to 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time
Dixie State University  St. George, UT

We are thrilled to be able to bring these exciting programs to southern Utah and that great market.  Packed with useable skills delivered by the most highly qualified facilitators available, these programs are guaranteed to energize your leadership and build a path for success that is unequaled.  Teresa Lowry, Matt Zobrist and Tim Schneider will be your guides to this journey in learning and proven competency building.

The dates and times for the southern Nevada offerings will be announced shortly and registration details will follow afterwards.  We will be offering discounts for early registration, groups and other affinity memberships so be sure to watch for the details.

The Aegis Learning team wishes you an incredible week filled with success, learning and laughter.

Tim Schneider
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Aegis Learning

Leading Edge – Volume 10 – Accountability

Focus on High Performance Teams-Accountability

  • High performing teams have a high level of accountability for both group and individual performance and behavior.
  • Rewards of team success are shared.  This includes basic benefits and gains (money) as well as recognition.
  • Individual and team performance are viewed with equal weight.
  • Accountability creates a sustained culture of shared interest in the performance of others, encouragement of team members, sharing of information and peer-based coaching.
  • Team accountability does not exclude individual accountability for actions or lack of actions.

With some more details left to confirm, Aegis Learning will be offering two exciting open enrollment opportunities in August.

Leadership IMPACT is a two day program that will be presented in the Las Vegas area and St. George, UT.  The program will include LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership, The Everything DiSC Management assessment, newly created program guides and our promise of a highly engaging and fun learning environment.  Leadership IMPACT will focus on communication skills, team member engagement, coaching and self-mastery.  These critical competencies will ensure your leadership success for years to come.

We are also thrilled to offer The Mindful Leader in August.  This one day program will help leaders at all levels achieve greater awareness, reduce stress, connect better with others and project more consistently positive leadership competencies.

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end after the two day program either.  After completing Leadership IMPACT, you will receive Leading Edge, have access to the Aegis Learning video library, be able to use the Aegis Reading Room and be given a suite of online programs (coming mid-year) at no cost to you.

Please look for additional details and how to register in the coming weeks and, as always, we appreciate your continued support greatly.

Tim Schneider
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Aegis Learning

Leading Edge – Volume 9 – Subordinating Self-Interest

Focus on High Performance Teams-Subordinating Self-Interest

  • Great teams share both a common vision and purpose but also the desire to put personal comfort and needs to the side for the good the team and organization.
  • The core understanding of a great and highly performing team is “its not about you”.
  • Without completely abandoning self-care or becoming a workaholic, team members need to be prepared to give more than asked and trust the organization will take care of them when they contribute.
  • Team members focused only on themselves, their comfort, their personal gain will often be openly isolated from the rest of the team and their interactions.
  • Team member success will be determined based on contribution and not by compensation.


You hear that a lot.  Someone giving 110%.  Overused and grossly overstated when it comes to human potential.

At Aegis Learning, our facilitators give 110.

Not percent but hours.

Before they ever touch  a customer or engage in an organizational project, our skilled and educated facilitators work for 110 hours to learn, develop our unique approach, understand the scientific background of our core principles and are mentored so that you receive the best IMPACT, RESULTS and VALUE for your training and individual development.  No other organization requires this type of formalized learning and growth but we do.  We don’t just put someone on an airplane and hope for the best.  We deliver the highest quality people to match our program quality.

But better than any of that, the Aegis Learning team is steadfast in our commitment to your success.

Have a great week and thank you for your continued support.

Tim Schneider
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Aegis Learning

Leading Edge – Volume 8 – Mission Focus

Focus on High Performance Teams-Mission Focus

  • Keeping the team focused on mission, purpose, values and vision are a key drive of maximum performance.
  • Mission focus will also help eliminate the distractions of unnecessary conflict, bureaucracy, and personal agendas.
  • Refer to purpose and mission often.  Keep the team locked into the “why we do what we do”.
  • Lead meetings and individual team member discussions with purpose and mission reminders.
  • Connect core values, mission and purpose to performance management.  Evaluate team member performance based on living purpose and achieving mission.
  • Simplify your mission and purpose to a single “battle cry” line or mantra.

The world at Aegis Learning is exciting, evolving and growing at an unbelievable pace.

We have been able to really commit some significant resources to innovation in both our programs, delivery and really cool resources that will be available soon.  To read more about these, please take a look at our recent blog post that highlights many of these 2017 priorities:


As we continue to grow and evolve, you have our solemn promise that we will maintain our focus and efforts solely on your success.  Impact, results and value delivered for you.

Have a great week and thank you for your continued support.

Tim Schneider
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Aegis Learning

Leading Edge – Volume 7 – Committment

Focus on High Performance Teams-Committment

  • Team and team member commitment are the fuel for high performance.
  • Enhance team member commitment by providing opportunities for input and voice on the key areas of vision, mission, core values and purpose.
  • Obtain buy-in through team member input.
  • Seek input on processes, procedures, policies, hiring decisions and other areas where team commitment is needed.
  • Challenge team performance and individual team members to achieve more through encouragement.

The Aegis Learning team continues to grow with two outstanding additions that we have worked with previously and were thrilled to return with a new organization. Linda Florence and Polly Walker have delivered many quality customer experiences and projects and they are gifted speakers and training providers.

Linda Florence is an outstanding facilitator, leader and education expert. She brings a PhD and 20 years of successful experience to her new role as Chief Learning Officer. Linda will be reviewing our programs, crafting customer solutions and leading facilitator development.

As Chief Innovation Officer, Polly Walker will be guiding Aegis Learning’s cutting edge commitment to service delivery, image and learning products. Polly is a process improvement thought leader, excellent facilitator and has two masters degrees.

In blatant disregard for the Aegis Learning policy prohibiting the hiring of relatives and insiders, Sydney Marie Schneider has been named Director of Security. She has 5 years of progressively loud experience guarding Aegis Learning from the neighbors, FedEx guy and area cats.

Please welcome Linda, Polly and Sydney to the Aegis Learning team.

Tim Schneider
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Aegis Learning

Leading Edge – Volume 6 – Conflict (Part 2 of 2)

Focus on High Performance Teams-Conflict (Part 2)

  • Subordinate ego to create long-term wins in a conflict situation.
  • Using judgment to determine the difference between long-term and short-term gains in conflict situations.
  • Learn to pause and assess prior to reacting in conflict.  This aids in removing unneeded emotion.
  • Defer conflict instead of avoid it or give in to someone.  Many people are avoiders and this does not really address the issues within a conflict.
  • Make sure needs are met and conflict doesn’t escalate.

As a part of our core values for the past 25 years, Aegis Learning continues to support the community and work to make lives better.  For the remainder of 2017, we will be supporting the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.  This organization helps the homeless and, many times, addicted members of the Las Vegas community by providing housing and recovery services.

Aegis Learning shares this with you in hopes of inspiring others to give and contribute to the communities in which we live.

We have been able to recover and re-publish most of our original articles and written work including 10 Things Great Leaders Do Differently (Series), Communication and Trust, The Power of Appreciation and Commitment:  The Key to Success.  These works are available by going to www.discoveraegis.com and selecting archive in the right sidebar.  We have also been able to recover many of our video files including the 40 Day Journey to Awesome and will be making those available shortly.

As always, I appreciate your support, encouragement and trust more than you will ever know.

Tim Schneider
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Aegis Learning

Leading Edge – Volume 5 – Conflict (Part 1 of 2)

Focus on High Performance Teams-Conflict (Part 1)

  • In a healthy and high performing team, conflict is unavoidable and should not be avoided.
  • Conflict leads to innovation.
  • Conflict should always focus on a solution and be based on process and not personality.
  • Egos will drive conflict to a personal level.
  • Conflict arises when needs are not met or when differences of viewpoint are aired.

Matt Zobrist has joined Aegis Learning as a facilitator.  Matt has over 15 years experience with real-life leadership and making significant changes in organizational culture.  His passion for learning, leadership and helping others is unmatched and he brings an advanced educational background and great commitment to us.  As with Teresa, Helene and soon to be named additional team members, we are extremely fortunate to have Matt join Aegis Learning.

So this is cool.  Aegis Learning has committed to developing a robust catalog of online learning that is content rich, contains impacting video, includes interactive elements and is easy to use.  But here is the cool part.  Even though we are putting a lot into the development we are going to offer the online programs FREE to anyone who attends or has attended one of our facilitator led programs.  Yes FREE. This will be our way of adding value and follow-up power to our facilitator led programs and to make sure key learning becomes a part of organizational culture and not just an one-time training event.  Please look for more announcements coming in the next few months.

As always, we remain incredibly thankful and grateful for your support and loyalty.

Tim Schneider
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Aegis Learning

Leading Edge – Volume 4 – Trust (Part 2 of 2)

Focus on High Performance Teams-Trust (Part 2)

  • Vulnerable trust is rare but extremely powerful.
  • Vulnerable trust focuses on who you are and not what you do.
  • Vulnerable trust requires deeper relationships, disclosing challenges, being open about failures and apologizing for past wrongs.
  • There is risk associated with vulnerable trust but the rewards are immense when established.

Aegis Learning continues to grow and move forward in very exciting ways.

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Teresa Lowry to the team.  Teresa will be facilitating our leadership, teamwork and customer service programs and brings over 20 years of highly successful, real-life leadership experience and organizational change to the team.  She also has a Juris Doctorate and degree in psychology and is a passionate advocate for learning and training.  Aegis Learning is extremely fortunate to have her.

Our program guides (handout sets) for our leadership learning programs have been completely redesigned and now are much more useful and content packed than ever before.  These will add great value to our training programs and we are very proud of the final product and what it means for the content in our training programs.

The dates have been chosen for our Foundations of Leadership event in St. George Utah.  In the coming weeks we will announce the location and how to register.  Great opportunity for us to work with the people of southern Utah and grow into that market.

As always, we remain incredibly thankful and grateful for your support and loyalty.

Tim Schneider
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Aegis Learning

Leading Edge – Volume 3 – Trust (Part 1 of 2)

Focus on High Performance Teams-Trust (Part 1)

  • Trust among team members is a critical foundation for team success.
  • Trust impacts communication and the ability to successfully resolve conflict.
  • There are two types of trust:  reliable and vulnerable.
  • Reliable trust is the most common and most fluid.
  • Vulnerable trust is rare but extremely powerful.

Another week of very exciting news and growth at Aegis Learning including:

Welcome to Helene Edelstein as our first official new team member.  She will be responsible for our design work, content writing and social media management.  A master’s degree and depth in education management distinguish Helene.  We are very fortunate to have her with Aegis Learning.

Close to adding three more people to the Aegis Learning team including two facilitators and a chief innovation officer.  When the pictures and bios are done, we will make the official announcements.  Great depth, experience and education with this team!

Scheduled a set of open enrollment classes in Las Vegas and Southern Utah.  These facilitator led programs will be cutting edge in material and high value for participants.  More to come on dates and locations.

Began the planning and design work for new online and webinar programs that are easy to use, content rich and a great value to users.

Thank you to every person and organization that has contacted us in the past couple of weeks.  Your support and loyalty is greatly appreciated.

Tim Schneider
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Aegis Learning