HR and Talent Management

Human Resources and Talent Management Training from Aegis Learning


Not the old and worn out skills of a personnel department.  The cutting edge skills and competencies to transform human resources into a strategic business partner.


Best practices from exceptional organizations that talent management professionals can trust.  All vetted and tested by Aegis Learning.


The key competencies and supporting skills are all connected to creating a healthy and successful working environment.  The Aegis EDGE.

There is no more critical function in any organization than human resources and talent management. It is within this group that rests the keys to building great company health and culture.

The Aegis Learning team brings decades of cutting-edge experience to helping talent management professionals sharpen their craft. With a focus of keeping the best talent, engaging the workplace and maintaining compliance with a complex set of, the suite of programs from Aegis Learning is designed for human resource practitioners, managers and executives. Business leaders and other functional managers will also gain critical insight into the world of successful talent management.

Talent Management Resources

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Talent Management IMPACT™


Preventing Harassment and Hostile Environments

Recruiting Team Members

Measuring Performance

Disciplinary Actions

Training Programs and Train-the-Trainer

Legal Issues in Human Resources

Human Resources for Supervisors and Managers

Compensation and Benefits

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