Five Methods to Improve Your Leadership

Matt Zobrist from Aegis Learning

Jump-Start Your Leadership with These 5 Great Approaches

By Matt Zobrist

There you were: an outstanding worker – extremely competent, skillful, and efficient at your job. And so, your organization decided to promote you. They gave you a title, probably a pay raise, and a supervisory (policy) handbook. Maybe you got a pep talk, or a “supervisory class” consisting of being told all the possible disasters and calamities you could now be held responsible for. Then they pointed you at your team and said, “Go, lead.”

Organizations often fail to prepare new leaders for their new roles. What can you do if your organization hasn’t prepared you or provided continuing tools for your leadership development? Take the initiative and begin to develop your leadership skills and attributes anyway.
Here are Five things you can start today that will help you develop and improve your leadership skills.

1. Focus on people. Probably the best leadership advice is this: Leadership is NOT about the leader; It’s about the team, more specifically each person on the team. Good leaders focus on taking care of their people. When a leader’s focus is only on results or procedures, he or she can become a micromanager, or worse, a tyrant. Leadership is not about production or inventory or equipment or even tasks – but about people! Care about each individual team member and they will ensure that productive results follow.

2. Build Trust. Trust is built through the heart, not the head. Leaders are respected for their abilities or position, but they trusted based on the relationships they forge. Sincerity and Honesty are two key ingredients to establish trust. For example, instead of just saying “hi,” ask your team members how they are doing and then: Listen to their reply. Listening is key to helping people feel that you truly care about them. People will remember how you make them feel. Team members who trust their leader are more likely to be engaged and productive at work.

3. New Title, New Job. Remember that even though you were great as a worker, you are now a leader. Your job is not to DO that job anymore, but to motivate and train your team to become great at their jobs. Two guidelines for this: First, remember your team doesn’t have your expertise and experience, so they can’t do the job as good as you did (yet). Part of your new job is to coach and train them to get to that level. Second, if they don’t do it like you did, that doesn’t make it wrong. Be humble enough to accept that there may be other ways to do it. Allow innovation and appreciate their efforts.

4. Appreciation. Say thank you. Even when things don’t turn out right, appreciate the effort. You will be surprised at how this simple act can build trust, strengthen relationships and improve attitudes.

5. Always Improve. There is always room for improvement. Read and Study about Leadership. Read books and articles (like this one) about leadership and incorporate the advice into your leadership style. Get an App. Download apps, like the free Aegis iCoach App, to have immediate access to leadership resources, tips and ideas anywhere you go.

Leadership competencies and skills can be learned. Be committed to learning and improving your leadership skills every chance you can.

Matt Zobrist from Aegis Learning

Matt Zobrist is an energetic and dynamic facilitator, coach, presenter and speaker with Aegis Learning, LLC.

Matt has a passion for helping others develop their leadership skills. He served successfully in various leadership over the last 20 years and uses his practical, real-world experience to deliver powerful messages about leadership, team work, communication and service. His animated, high-energy style, combined with humor and personal experiences make each presentation enjoyable and memorable, as well as educational, for the audience.

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