Coaching – Leadership Success

  • Build Effective Leadership Skills

  • Bridge Gaps in Leadership and Management

  • Create Successful Leadership Practices 

    Please Contact Aegis Learning to schedule your initial coaching session.



Aegis Learning does not and will never put individual development coaching into packages or place you and your unique needs into a process that does not fit for you.  Our approach is to work with your very individual strengths and challenges and produce the outcomes you need and desire.

Leadership development coaching will provide you with the skills and tools that you need to be successful in a confidential and highly effective manner.


  • Leadership Skills
  • Leadership Tools and Practices
  • Implementation of Successful Habits

Individual Development Coaching Includes:

  • Connection to Certified Master Coach
  • Regularly Scheduled and Recurring One Hour Meetings
  • Outside of Schedule Access (24/7)
  • In-Person, Phone and Web Based Delivery Available
  • Individual Development Plan
  • Outside Reading Assignments
  • DiSC Assessment
  • Impact 360 Assessment or Other Stakeholder Feedback
  • All Follow-Up Tools
  • Continuing Educating Unit Availability

Tim Schneider

Linda Florence

Teresa Lowry

Polly Walker

Amy McKee

Matt Zobrist

We Have Reserved Our Best People for YOU!

  • Only Certified Master Coaches
  • Experienced, Educated and Dedicated Only to Your Success
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Real-Life, Real-Work Experience
  • Won’t Sell You Oils, Candles or Force You Into a Yoga Circle

The Process for Coaching:

Within 24 hours of contacting us, we will talk with you to determine your needs, agree upon a first meeting and send you a Pre-Coaching Assessment.

From that interaction, we will mutually agree on the initial number of sessions, desired outcome and meeting logistics (dates, times, frequency).  Expect us to ask a lot of questions and listen to you a great deal.   


Aegis Learning is here for you.  Please contact us for any needs or questions along the way. 

  • 25 Years of Experience

  • Engaging, Highly Skilled and Certified Master Coaches

  • Guaranteed IMPACT

  • Statistically Accurate Material and Content

  • Verifiable Results and References

  • Free Follow-Up Tools