Aegis EDGE and Advantage

Aegis Learning Edge in People, Experience, Validated Models, and Competencies

The Aegis EDGE is Built on Experience, IMPACT, RESULTS and VALUE

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Aegis Learning has an EDGE.

An edge in experience.  An edge in our people.  An edge in the validated competencies we use.  An edge in the track record of outstanding results delivered for our customers.  An edge in the value and commitment we give to our customers.  An edge with the value we add.  An edge with our engagement in the community in which we live.

Please take a moment and see what Aegis Learning’s EDGE can do for you and your organization.

The Aegis Learning EDGE

With an incredible foundation of research, Aegis Learning provides statistically accurate and empirically driven learning to our customers.  New data with a 30 year foundation.

Not satisfied with just research, Aegis Learning has a robust and long track record of delivering results for organizations and individuals.

Best of all, rather than just a matrix of unexplained theory and complex models, the Aegis Learning EDGE competencies are useful, useable and can be implemented quickly by anyone.

Learn more about the Aegis Learning Competency Models HERE.

Aegis Learning drives results.  Improved performance, higher team engagement, reduced turnover, enhanced service levels, greater teamwork.  Quantified results from Aegis Learning training.  Contact us to learn what we can do for your organization. 

Aegis Learning has assembled a team of rock stars!  And it takes a team to deliver the quality results and programs from Aegis Learning.

People who are engaging, energetic, fun and masters at facilitation.  You won’t find trainees here.  A team that has decades of successful experience, thought leadership and real-life experience in driving organizational success.  Our people, with our unique approach and time-prove material, are the difference and why Aegis Learning is a premier provider of leadership developmenthigh performance teamwork and customer service initiatives.

Meet the Aegis Learning team HERE.

30 Years.

Thousands of Organizations.

Tens of Thousands of Participants.

Three Best-Selling Books.

All with successful implementations and gains in performance and success.

Many times, we need some help in understanding ourselves, understanding other people and seeing how groups interact. Aegis Learning utilizes a full suite of tools to help you better connect with yourself, your environment and your team.

As a certified provider of DiSC assessments, we are able to help you better understand your style, approach and personality and how those elements influence communication, decisions, conflict and leadership. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team is a tool in which Aegis Learning is also certified to provide and facilitate, measures five keys to successful teamwork at any level.

Aegis Learning is one of only a very few assessment providers to possess the dual certifications in DiSC and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

Aegis Learning has provided an assortment of resources for our customers, program participants and anyone who wants a little extra boost to their learning and growth.

Articles and news, the widely acclaimed Leading Edge newsletter, and some excellent videos for leaders and team members. Forms for our class participants and other customer care elements are also included in our resource library.

We are not perfect but certainly stive to be.

Our programs are reviewed, tested and Aegis Learning uses multiple processes to ensure our customers receive the highest value and quality available.

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