Aegis Learning – The Leading Provider of Professional Growth and Learning

Aegis Learning Commitment, Values and Mission

Aegis Learning is a nationally recognized leader in providing the highest quality, impact and value training for organizations of all types and sizes.

Aegis Learning Has a 30 Record of Impact and Success

Specializing in leadership development, customer service initiatives and building high performance teams, Aegis Learning has 30 years of experience in creating better work places, positively impacting key metrics and enriching the lives of participants.

Aegis Learning

Converts Training to Learning and

Learning to Results

Aegis Learning Builds Better Leaders and Organizations

Our specialized, unique and customized approach will ensure an extremely high return on your investment in the following areas:

IMPROVEOrganizational and Individual Performance

INCREASETeam Member Engagement and Satisfaction

CREATEHealthy and High-Performing Workplaces

DEVELOPLeaders and People for Growth and Succession

REDUCETurnover and Team Member Complaints

TRANSFORMGroups to Highly Performing Teams

BUILDMorale and Team/Organization Spirit

UNLOCKTeam Member Potential and Growth

ENHANCECustomer Service Levels

EVOLVEEffectiveness, Efficiency and Quality

UNDERSTANDYourself and Others

Our unique and blended approach using facilitator led instruction, individualized coaching and web-based follow-up ensures that leaders have all the tools and competencies needed to become extremely successful and drive their organizations to higher levels than ever imagined.

Aegis Learning Leadership Training for San Manuel


We are “Committed Only to Your Success”.

Aegis Learning will deliver the highest quality, most impacting and incredibly engaging training and learning programs to our customers.  Our customers will always have our highest priority and commitment.

By building better workplaces, highly successful leaders and satisfied team members, Aegis Learning is able to make a positive impact on the communities we serve and the world in which we live.

Aegis Learning Leadership Training


  1. Provide best efforts, highest quality and amazing value to customers and program participants.

  2. Produce engaging and enjoyable training programs and learning opportunities.

  3. Use only scientifically valid and best-practice proven methods and approaches.

  4. Build relationships and friendships with our customers and participants.

  5. Contribute time and treasures to the communities in which we live.

  6. Give honest feedback and assistance to our customers.

  7. Respect the contributions of our team members.

  8. Strive to be at the cutting edge of professional development methods.

  9. Be respectful of customer needs, differences and values.

  10. Have fun along the way.

Aegis Learning Leadership Training


Since 1992, the team at Aegis Learning has been delivering memorable and content rich training programs to a wide variety of industries. Real skills delivered by the best professionals in the country is what has made Aegis Learning a widely recognized leader in training, online learning, seminars, and professional development solutions. No canned slide shows here. Just the most effective skills for the modern working environment.

Balance of Practical and Academic – Our programs are designed using strict standards for academic research balanced with practical, been there/done that experience. The skills and techniques that we provide work in the working environment.

Challenging – We use a challenging approach to ensure that the needed skills are mastered quickly, and you are able to convert those skills to real performance improvement.

Follow-Up Plans Included – We provide a comprehensive follow-up plan at the conclusion of all of our programs to ensure implementation of learning.

Cutting Edge Material and Techniques – Constant research and real time involvement with hands on application ensure that our programs have the highest impact and most current information.

Customized Training – All of our programs can be customized to clients needs.

Certified and Affiliated – Our team is comprised of full-time professionals that have completed rigorous training and certification.

Experienced – Thousands of hours, multiple businesses, organizations, and governmental agencies.

Committed to Your Needs and Objectives – Programs created for your needs and presented at your convenience.

Dynamic and Fun – No matter what the subject, we will make the learning environment fun, exciting and inspiring.

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