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2 days ago
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Because enough May the Force memes you will not get. Happy Star Wars Day and hoping there is no need to force choke a co-worker or revelation your girlfriend is actually your ... See more

3 days ago

The power of a great work culture and people-centered, awesome leadership is undeniable. Great work cultures start with top-to-bottom leaders that are caring, focused, and communicative. ... See more

6 days ago

Your journey, path, and destination is unique to you, and you alone. Allow input, but never let anyone decide the direction you will take and your ultimate goals. Happy ... See more

1 week ago

The power of appreciation and encouragement are amazing. A kind word or two can re-engage, re-energize, and restore the people around us. And the magical secret for appreciation is it makes us feel ... See more

1 week ago

Communication, and especially inquiry, can preserve a great deal of the credibility lost when a false assumption or conclusion is drawn. Take the time to get the information, talk to the key players ... See more

1 week ago

Consistency in approach, method and our behavior will lead to our success. Choose the habits that support and serve you and abandon the ones that don’t. Keep your routines while maintaining the ... See more

1 week ago

The people we choose to surround ourselves with have a great deal of influence over our potential and ultimate success. If you’re weighted down with negativity, drama, dependence, and no support, ... See more

1 week ago

Relationship depth builds support and loyalty from others. When you can create a small circle around you that always is protecting and supporting, it is priceless. Happy ... See more

2 weeks ago

Leaders are responsible for the resources in their charge. This includes the stewardship of our planet so all future generations can prosper. Happy Earth Day.

2 weeks ago

The power of persistence will drive you to success. Persistence is the singleminded focus towards an objective and it allows us to overcome obstacles and remove barriers. Be like the dog who knows ... See more

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