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4 hours ago

Although there are some mechanical techniques to time management, it really boils down to our discipline and mindset. When we become focused on achievement, results, and priorities, our time ... See more

1 day ago

Although many will try in varying ways to make you feel bad or less than you are, you have the power to let that happen or rebuff it. Take a stand and guard your self-worth and eliminate the ... See more

1 day ago

In normal (non-Covid) years, we always post some pictures of our awesome EduCode Leadership track participants. For 2021, this will have to do.

Blessed to have such large and participatory classes.

2 days ago

Successful teams and healthy relationships thrive on a high level of effective communication. Not talking to talk but truly impactful communication that is shared by all team ... See more

5 days ago

As a leader, making sure your words and tone are encouraging become important to the morale and motivation of your team. Avoid harshness, reacting, and snarky comments always. Happy Friday ... See more

6 days ago

Not sure what to make of this. Leadership can certainly be hard? Or maybe I give her a headache?

In probably 25 years of using binders with extended programs, the Tylenol in the cover is a first.

6 days ago

No matter what is going on around us, we have the power to choose our own attitude. We are not victims of anyone’s negativity and are free to embrace hope, optimism, and an expectation for ... See more

1 week ago

Laughter is powerful medicine for the heart and soul. Find something everyday that is laugh out loud worthy and watch any heaviness evaporate away.

1 week ago

We are often derailed, temporarily or permanently, by the trivial or vain. Your butt looks fine. Now get out and discover your purpose and execute it with singular ... See more

1 week ago

The worst limits (besides those nasty speed suggestion things) are those that we craft ourselves. Our minds can build wall quickly but with a little shift, we can overcome those with positive, ... See more

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