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All of our award winning content from Leading Edge to a robust video library with over 100 titles waiting for you.


Because we care about learning and are Dedicated to Your Success, we provide this resource to assist in your growth and as a refresher for our customers.

Because Aegis Learning is Dedicated to Your Success, we provide the tools needed to keep learning alive and organizations functioning in full health and performance.

The Aegis App is designed with you in mind.  No advertising.  Just content.  FREE content for you to use, enjoy and assist in your development journey.



1. iCoach is available to both Android and iOS users. If you are an Android user, access the Google Play Store. If you are an iOS user, visit the iTunes App Store.

2. When you are in the store, click on the “spyglass” icon to open up the search feature. Enter “Aegis iCoach” in the search bar.

3. There is sometimes an ad at the top of the search results, so look for the Aegis iCoach screen shots and title before downloading. To the right of the Aegis iCoach title, you will see a cloud with an arrow and/or a button to download the app. Click it to begin downloading (please note that the app is FREE but, based on your app store settings, you may still need to verify with your pin or thumbprint to authorize the download).

4. Once the iCoach app is successfully downloaded on your device, you can click the “open” button or you can hit the home button and you will see the iCoach app icon on your screen. It is a white square with the gold Aegis shield in the middle and “Aegis iCoach” underneath. You can long press the app button and drag it to reposition it on your home screen if you wish.

iCoach from Aegis Learning Instructions
iCoach from Aegis Learning Instructions
iCoach from Aegis Learning Instructions

1. Click on the iCoach icon to open the app. The first time you open the app, it will ask you if you would like to enable push notifications from Aegis. If you select yes, you may periodically receive updates and messages via the app.

2. After you have indicated whether or not you would like to receive push notifications, on the bottom of the screen, you will see a scrolling yellow “tickertape”. If you click on this area, you will be directed to a variety of valuable Aegis leadership and business articles.

3. In the upper right, you will see a “gear”. This is the app settings button (see “settings” section of this manual for more info).

4. Next to the settings button, there is an “envelope”. This is the updates area. If you have enabled push notifications, this is where you will receive leadership updates, information, and push messages from Aegis.

5. The final navigation area on the iCoach home screen is the “menu” area in the upper left of the screen. There are 3 small lines next to the word “menu”. When you click the menu button or the 3 small lines, you will open the slider of iCoach features (see features section of this manual).

6. To close the slider of iCoach features, simply click on the home screen of the app.

iCoach from Aegis Learning Instructions
iCoach from Aegis Learning Instructions

1. There are 12 features within the iCoach app (see slider screen shot to right).

2. The “Program Materials” feature contains:
a. the first 5 program guides (in pdf format) from the Ten Competencies of Leadership. You have the option of printing or downloading each program guide for later use
b. participant forms including the learning reinforcement worksheet, reading report and program evaluation. Once you complete a form, it can be electronically submitted to Aegis by pushing the blue “submit” button at the bottom of the form

3. The “Discussion Board” feature is an open forum for leadership questions or discussions.

4. The “Learning Resources” feature provides access to:
a. Leading Edge Newsletter
b. Leadership Videos
c. Leadership and Business Articles

5. The “Inspirations” feature offers leadership-driven quotes to motivate and inspire.

6. The “Tools” feature provides access to paid content such as:
a. Books
b. DISC Assessments
7. The “Calendar” feature outlines open enrollment class information and links to register.

8. “Blogs and Articles” provide leadership and business insights and information from the Aegis Team of professionals.

9. The “Aegis Cares” feature provides information on how Aegis is focused to make a difference in lives, our community and the world in which we live. Click this feature to find out how you can get involved.

10. The “Aegis Team” feature provides pictures, bios and contact information for each of our team members.

11. The “About Aegis Learning” feature provides a company overview, contact information, and access to the Aegis Learning website.

12. The “Social Media” feature provides links to the Aegis Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

iCoach from Aegis Learning Instructions

“Settings” can be accessed via the home screen by clicking on the gear on the upper right (next to the envelope). Settings contains:

  • A profile area that allows the ability to set up a personal profile with a picture, name, email and birthday information
  • Ability to connect social media accounts to the app.
  • Aegis Privacy Policy

For further questions or help with the app:

  • Access the iCoach app video tutorial, which provides visual instructions outlined in this manual, or,
  • Email Aegis Learning at info@discoveraegis.com

Video Tutorial and Help

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