DiSC Facilitation Extras and Aides


ED Agile EQ Model

DiSC Training Aides and Extras Help Create a Positive Work Culture

These aides can bring DiSC learning to life and keep the discussion going for a long time.  Includes bonus facilitation video, DiSC buttons, needs tags, and more.


Everything DiSC Manual

Examine DiSC® as it intersects with current physiological theory, case studies modeling the proper interpretation of the tool, and how it applies to gender, ethnicity, and education. This manual is an essential reference tool for anyone facilitating Everything DiSC® products.

Everything DiSC Needs Tags

These reusable magnetic Need Tags are a great way to get people talking during a networking event or a facilitation session. Choose from 13 different tags or purchase the Starter Set that includes one of each tag (blank not included).

Everything DiSC Floor Graphic

The Everything DiSC® floor graphic is a great learning tool to use in interactive classroom activities. The graphic is a 47” circle textured matte vinyl with fabric backing adhesive. This product has a Slip Resistant Certification (ASTM D-2047 and R12) and can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Everything DiSC Mugs

12-ounce coffee mugs display the Everything DiSC® logo and tips for each DiSC® style.

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