Keynote – The Heart of Leadership

  • Inspiring and Engaging

  • Powerful Content from a Professional Speaker

  • Laugh and Learn at the Same Time 

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Great leadership is the consistent application of competencies and skills in appropriate situations. Outstanding leadership combines heart and soul with those skills and competencies to produce magic in results, team engagement and personal leadership satisfaction.

From relationships to decision making, your heart plays a role in your effectiveness as a leader. The best leaders will mix healthy doses of emotion and heart with their skills to produce stunning results. The heart based approach will insure that all team members are connected, engaged and delivering service at their optimum levels.

Connect effectively with your own emotional composition and feelings to generate greater levels of leadership empathy, compassion and understanding; build deeper relationships with team members and maximize their loyalty and work efforts for you; create greater levels of success, peace and happiness with satisfaction and self-care techniques.

Keynote and Speaking Engagements Includes:

  • Professional Speaker
  • 30 Minute to 1.5 Hour Presentation
  • All Displayed Materials for Distribution to Your Audience
  • Complete Customization to Meet Your Audience Needs

Tim Schneider

Tim Schneider

We Have Reserved Our Best People for YOU!

  • Only Professional Speakers
  • Experienced, Educated and Dedicated Only to Your Success
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Real-Life, Real-Work Experience
  • 25 Years of Experience

  • Engaging, Highly Skilled and Professional Speakers

  • Guaranteed IMPACT

  • Statistically Accurate Material and Content

  • Verifiable Results and References

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