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“Tim Schneider’s comprehensive work, The 10 Competencies of Outstanding Leadership, really details out proper strategies, tactics, and actions, needed by all levels of leadership. A fantastic “how-to” guide to leading effectively.” 
Steve Forst,  Senior Facilitator and Coach, SEE, Inc.

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LeadWell by Tim Schneider

“It’s a great book! I have lots and lots of bookmarks to go back and review, and would recommend it to anyone that is looking to grow their leadership skill set.

Jason Gardner February 1, 2019

LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership is a comprehensive and thorough look at the skills needed to succeed as a leader.  This book constructs the sequential building blocks to great leadership in an easy to follow and easy to implement format.  Build these competencies and become an outstanding leader.  That simple.

The book’s author, Tim Schneider, begins the leadership journey with a detailed look at the connection between leadership success and communication skills.  The heart and soul of LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership is built around tone setting and coaching team members.  Schneider provides a common sense look at emotional intelligence by examining the role of self-management and relational interactions in sections that powerfully remind leaders of the need to be examples and mixing in the right amount of charm.

Breeding sheep is included with an insightful review of ethics and decision making.  One of the most interesting treatments in the book is this section’s comparison of ethics and morality and the admonition to keep the two as very separate concepts. Courage and risk taking next take center stage in LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership and introduce a deliberative and systemic approach that is designed to assist leaders avoid rash and arbitrary actions without being paralyzed with analysis and information gathering.  A long dive into innovation and strategic planning conclude the ten competencies that comprise this volume.

Throughout the chapters that are filled with great leadership insight, there is also plenty of humor that makes this an enjoyable read.  If you are going to pick up a professional development book in the coming months, make it LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership.

“It is right on the money when it comes to providing valuable information in an educational real-world way. It provides many useful thoughts and ideas that will be helpful to any leader. The book highlights and emphasizes the importance of leaders to regularly communicate with their team members, especially one on one, in order to build trust. As a new and struggling leader, I found the book very helpful. Tim also encourages leaders to improve their skills, learn, grow and adapt to their ever-changing environments which is or can be very challenging.”   Miguel Douglas  McCarran International Airport

“Tim Schneider’s comprehensive work, The 10 Competencies of Outstanding Leadership, really details out proper strategies, tactics, and actions, needed by all levels of leadership. A fantastic “how-to” guide to leading effectively.”  Steve Forst,  Senior Facilitator and Coach, SEE, Inc.

“In the crowded field of leadership books, LeadWell: The 10 Competencies of Outstanding Leadership stands apart. From Self-Awareness, Understanding and Self-Management to Relationships and Personal Power, Tim Schneider blends these important concepts and more into a smooth and clever book that can be applied with remarkable ease. This is a significant work from an authentic leadership practitioner.”  Jill Elliott, Vice President of People and Culture, R and R Partners

“LeadWell: The 10 Competencies of Outstanding Leadership is an insightful review for advice on managing for results at organizations of any size. Effective leadership is the key, and this book gives sound, practical advice on the skills needed to be a successful leader. Tim captures a lifetime of winning formulas and puts them in a simple and practical context for leaders at any level. The book offers a compelling prescription for leadership excellence, and it comes down to 10 simple yet powerful competencies.”  Renee’ Tanner, Director, Catamaran Rx.

“LeadWell: The 10 Competencies of Outstanding Leadership is a powerful look into the necessary skills of a successful leader in today’s world. Tim Schneider shares the practical tools to make anyone an extraordinary Leader at every level. If you have the commitment to become the very best leader you can be, then this is the book to get you there.”  Ashlyn LaPorte, Executive Director, Freeman

“Tim Schneider’s book, LeadWell: The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership, offers readers a straightforward take on the ten basic tenets of leadership. Examples include communication, coaching, emotional intelligence, risk taking, managing change and strategic planning. Schneider is the president of Soaring Eagle Enterprises, Inc. and has been an adjunct professor and a senior executive in multiple financial service companies.  Overall, Schneider explains many useful thoughts and ideas. For example, he emphasizes the importance of leaders frequently communicating with their team members, especially on an individual level, in order to build trust. Schneider provides detailed suggestions on how to give both positive and negative feedback, including specifics on the importance of separating the two. He addresses the psychology behind team members’ thinking and their potential reactions. Exploring one’s own personality traits, peer-based feedback and continuing process improvement are just a few of the numerous issues he considers.”  Maria Josey, Book Reviewer 

Tim Schneider is the founder and lead facilitator for Aegis Learning.

His mission, in total alignment with Aegis Learning is “Dedicated to Your Success”.  Tim brings passion, heart and 25 years of successful experience to all   leadership development projects, customer service   initiatives and when building high performance teams.  Tim is one of the most sought-after and in-demand speakers, training facilitators and individual development coaches in the United States.

Tim is the author of LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership and Beyond Engagement, high impact books about leading the right way and creating an organizational culture that is both healthy and successful.  His works have been featured in many business and professional development publications and he his one of the most sought after speakers, trainers and coaches in the United States.  Stylistically, Tim brings unparalleled commitment and enthusiasm to each engagement and works hard to make sure all participants  not only learn but have fun along the way.

Personally, Tim is the father of two grown boys, continues a life-long love affair by playing men’s league baseball and enjoys any outdoor adventure.  He makes his home in Las Vegas, Nevada with Sydney the Corgi.

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LeadWell by Tim Schneider

“There were so many “ah has” in the book that I have seen an improvement in the effectiveness of my team meetings and better connection. An easy read, right on point for where I am at this time.

Rick Weaver Southwest Airlines April 30, 2021

LeadWell by Tim Schneider

“I found this book enlightening, as some things that I have personally thought about, whether things that others or myself could do better, were noted in the book. Being able to affirm my thoughts is helpful in pushing me to do things that I might not have done or put into place otherwise.

Kimberly Ballou February 22, 2021

LeadWell by Tim Schneider

“What a fantastic and succinct guide to leadership! I truly enjoyed each turn of the page and will highly recommend it to my internal team.

Pomai Weall February 12, 2020

LeadWell by Tim Schneider

“A great book Tim Schneider one of my favorite reads.

David Spencer November 10, 2019

LeadWell by Tim Schneider

“I can take what I have learned from this book and class and apply it to improving myself. Each competency, of outstanding leadership, is really an umbrella for underlying skills a person can  work on. This book really hones in on key skills because it is noted that a person cannot master a competency but can master the skills within that competency. It is comforting and reassuring to read that the human performance is limitless in its ability to execute complex and difficult task. All competencies can be worked on and utilized at the same time. Final observation, this book has made it clear that there is power in consistency.”

Jacqueline Ramiriz June 4, 2019

LeadWell The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership

“I found it very easy to read this book especially knowing the author personally and how he communicates. It brought me to a place where I did not feel like I was reading words on a page, but rather sitting in a room listening to Tim speak. The use of humor here and there definitely helped along the way get through certain areas. Even though the book is complete, I will definitely keep it in rotation and reference it when I feel like I need a refresh.”


Joey Palmer November 18, 2021

LeadWell by Tim Schneider

“This book was well written, easy to understand, and had great examples of day to day situations where the concepts taught could be utilized. I took great notes and will be referring back to this book frequently. I think it’s a must read for anyone in a leadership position!

Aubrey Arreola August 27, 2020

LeadWell by Tim Schneider

“Loved the book. Great read!  Vision and direction is essential for direction of your team. People buy what you Believe In, not what you sell. When believing in your vision, your team will follow. Reinforce both vision and values of the team.”Let’s win this together!” – such a powerful statement. 

Milica Grujic October 2, 2019

LeadWell by Tim Schneider

“The book is very easy to read and understand.  I really appreciate the writing about conflict solutions,as that is something that I experienced at work, and I used Tim’s teaching in getting resolution in conflict at my workplace.  Tim, thank you so much for the knowledge you shared in this book!

Jelena Ceranic November 13, 2018

LeadWell by Tim Schneider

“LeadWell is a true eye-catcher and easy to read. I will absolutely be reading this book again. I was able to compare situations to myself and find how helpful everything the book talks about will be in my daily life.

Miguel Valle June 23, 2020