Barriers to Delegation and Empowerment

Lack of...

Tim Schneider

By Tim Schneider

From the Soaring Eagle Enterprises’ training program Coaching II-Delegation, Development and Empowerment.

1. Insecurity
Fear of losing control and fear of criticism prevent some leaders from delegating. Ultimately, they are afraid of losing their job.

2. Lack of Confidence in Others
Some believe their team members are not competent to take on a task, but through delegation, they can improve their skills and competence.

3. Lack Of Ability To Train Others
If proper training is not provided, team members will fail and become resentful. Some leaders lack the ability or desire to articulate directions and desired outcomes.

4. Personal Enjoyment
Some things are hard to let go of, but leaders should not retain control of a task simply because they enjoy doing it.

5. Habit
If a task becomes simple and repetitive, it should be delegated to free up your time for more complex issues and responsibilities

6. Reluctance Caused by Past Failures
Determine the cause of failure. Failed delegation is typically due to a poor match, lack of training or poor tracking of delegated tasks. Avoid the mistake, not delegation.

7. Lack of Time
Training, preparation, and delegation require a time investment. While it may take time in the short term, it will be a time saver in the long term.

8. “I Can Do It Best”
Leaders who think that to do something right, they have to do it themselves will achieve very little strategically.

Tim Schneider is the founder, CEO and lead facilitator for Aegis Learning.  

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