Kelley Reynolds from Aegis Learning

By Kelley Reynolds

We are right here, right now.  This is it. 

June 2020 was never going to look like June 2019.  Or June 2018.  Or 2010. Never.  Change was going to occur.  We are not able stop change any more than we can stop time.

Yes, the last several months shifted the change gear into overdrive.  I understand, you suffered losses.  To some extent, all of us have.  The loss may have been income, employment, time, joy or loved ones.  Some of us lost much more than others. The fact remains, this is where we are.

Sitting around blaming this politician for reacting slowly or that politician for overreacting simply keeps us stuck somewhere between denial and anger.  These are just distractions and what does any of that matter now? Pontificating and denigrating may make you feel powerful.  However, lingering here is wasting more time, playing the victim, and giving away your power.  When instead you could be doing. 

Denial and anger are stages of grieving. You need to mourn your losses.  Grieve while living. Now is the time for action; not lamenting and lambasting.

Leaders are not powerless victims.  We are people of action.

The next stage of grief is acceptance.  You get there through effort and initiative.  The future was not going to look like what you thought it was going to, but it was not going to anyway.  The future may now appear messy and the ride bumpy and painful.  You have no choice but to buckle up, hold on and keep going.  Move forward and even take advantage of the changes. Life was always going to happen. The road was going to have dips and bumps and potholes, but man, check out the view!

As leaders, whether that is your title or informal position within your organization or role in your family, it is time for you to implement your plan.  If you do not have one, the time to create one is now.  People, your team, your family are looking to you, as a role model, as a beacon of hope.  They are looking to you to lead them through the uncertainty and build confidence for tomorrow.

It is a new day.  It is not going to be business as usual.  You do not have to do things like you always did. That is the beauty of it. You get to reinvent or renovate and innovate.

This may challenge you like never before.  You may have to dig deeper.  That is okay.  Dig deep. Stressors can also have positive effects. You will find what you need. It is within you.  Use your good leadership skills to enhance your confidence. Remind yourself of previous problems you overcame. Envision your successes. Surround yourself with people who are realistic and positive. Change the dialog.  Ask different questions. Where is the opportunity? Where can I create one? What do I do well? How do I move forward? Who can help navigate? What will the future look like?

You will lead your team during and through this difficulty.  You will get through this.  Because that is the only option you have!  Now, let’s get to it.

Kelley Reynolds from Aegis Learning

Kelley’s optimistic outlook on life guides her belief that change is possible!

Her easy going instruction style mixed with a dry wit make her an entertaining educator. She has instructed professionals throughout the nation as well as internationally. Kelley has earned a Master of Business Administration and possesses a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, both from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

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