Conflict Management and Resolution

  • Understanding Different Conflict Styles and Approaches 

  • Seeing Types of Conflict

  • Keeping Conflict Healthy

  • Using Conflict for Innovation, Self-Reflection and Process Improvement

  • Removing Personalization from Conflict

  • Compromise and Collaboration Solutions to Conflict

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    Blended Learning 

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Productive Conflict

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Unhealthy Conflict

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Lost Time and Energy

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Relationships and Connections

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Not every conflict is bad. Some conflict is unpleasant. All conflict needs to be managed successfully. Conflict Resolution and Management provides the skills and tools to work through conflict, resolve conflicts among team members and recognize the difference between good and unhealthy conflict.

When unmanaged, conflict will be a primary contributor to a toxic working environment. This program will begin by providing the learning resources needed reduce personal conflicts both effectively and efficiently. Conflict Resolution and Management uses a bi-directional approach in dealing with others and managing personal behaviors to reach this outcome. The program also provides participants with the competencies needed to assist others in conflict resolution and to avoid avoidance. As a leader, that is an important role for you and your team.

The final skill set in Conflict Resolution and Management is about recognizing situations when conflict is healthy and creating an environment where process and operational conflict are openly dialoged. Conflict can be the root of all progress and innovation.

Conflict Resolution and Management is important for all team members, service providers and leaders, and anyone who wants to avoid toxicity in the working environment.

Key Learning Elements:

  1. Identify and recognize the types of conflict.
  2. Learn to keep conflict about process or operational issues and avoid turning conflict into a personal issue.
  3. Utilize skills to resolve conflict with others including defusing and decelerating.
  4. Modify and manage personal skills to insure conflict is not encouraged or accelerated.
  5. Assist others in the resolution of conflict with an assertive facilitated method.

Cognitive Learning

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Affective Learning

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Kinesthetic Learning

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

In-Person Facilitated Version (Please Contact Us for Details):

  • 3 to 6 Hour Facilitator Guided Learning
  • Certified Facilitators
  • Program Guide
  • Completion Certificate
  • All Follow-Up Tools
  • Attendance Tracking and Reporting
  • Continuing Educating Unit Availability

On-Line Program:

  • Self-Paced Online Learning with Video, Reading, Activities and Audio Content
  • 2 to 3 Hours of Total Content
  • Program Guide (Downloadable)
  • Completion Certificate
  • Continuing Education Unit Availability

Conflict Management and Resolution is best used with:

  • Team Members
  • Service Professionals
  • Sales Professionals
  • Work Groups and Teams
  • Emerging Leaders/High Potential Candidates
  • Supervisors and Team Leads
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Executives
  • Business Owners

The Process for Online Learning:

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  • 25 Years of Experience

  • Engaging, Highly Skilled and Certified Facilitators

  • Statistically Accurate Material and Content

  • Verifiable Results and References

  • Free Follow-Up Tools


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