Leadership TRANSFORM

Leadership Development with Impact, Results and Value

Twelve Units, 42 Hours, Award Winning Content for Managers, Executives and Business Owners
• Enhance Team Member Engagement
• Improve Key Results and Metrics
• Reduce Turnover
• Build a Healthy Company Culture

Nevada P.O.S.T. Course #P3430001  42 Credit Hours

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Twelve powerful and transforming learning units come with the Leadership TRANSFORM.  Aegis Learning delivers a powerful, engaging and guaranteed leadership development experience that will far exceed your expectations for learning and growth.  Presented in either an extended format or multi-day academy to meet your needs.

Based on the Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership by Tim Schneider, this program is built on 25 years of research and the best practices of highly successful organizations. The learning cascades and builds a continuous set of useable skills that can be implemented immediately and with lasting results.

You will be able to navigate the challenges of becoming a leader, create boundaries and expectations with team members and redirect your focus to leadership functions. Leadership TRANSFORM provides four statistically accurate and validated competencies in a clear and easy to apply manner. Your leadership success will be enhanced immediately!


  • Leadership Transition
  • Understanding Yourself and Others
  • Interpersonal Communication (Competency 1)
  • Team Member Engagement (Competency 2)
  • Coaching and Feedback (Competency 3)
  • Self-Mastery (Competency 4)
  • Empowerment (Competency 5)
  • Decision Making (Competency 6)
  • Thinking and Risk (Competency 7)
  • Relationships and Power (Competency 8)
  • Innovation and Change (Competency 9)
  • Planning and Vision (Competency 10)

When you embrace the competencies for outstanding leadership and begin to apply them in a meaningful and consistent way, you will be creating a path for your own personal success and the success of your organization.

Leadership Development with Impact, Results and Value
• Enhance Team Member Engagement
• Improve Key Results and Metrics
• Reduce Turnover
• Build a Healthy Company Culture
• Increase Supervisor Satisfaction
• Develop Accountability, Ownership and Trust
• Build Powerful Leadership Teams
• Improved External and Internal Customer Service
• Reduced Conflict
• Growth in Leadership Skills and Potential for Succession

Disengaged Team Members – $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 per organization.  REDUCED

Supervisor and Manager Turnover – $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 each.  REDUCED

Customer Service Values – 61% of customers went to a competitor.  REDUCED

And More Evidence of the Value of Great Leadership:

Less-than-optimal leadership practices cost the typical organization an amount equal to as much as 7% of their total annual sales.

At least 9% and possibly as much as 32% of an organization’s voluntary turnover can be avoided through better leadership skills.

Better leadership can generate a 3-4% improvement in customer satisfaction scores and a corresponding 1.5% increase in revenue growth.

Most organizations are operating with a 5-10% productivity drag that better leadership practices could eliminate.

From other sources:
It’s a sad truth about the workplace: just 30% of employees are actively committed to doing a good job. Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace report indicates that 50% of employees merely put their time in, while the remaining 20% act out their discontent in counterproductive ways, negatively influencing their coworkers, missing days on the job, and driving customers away through poor service. Gallup estimates that the 20% group alone costs the U.S. economy around half a trillion dollars each year. The single greatest cause for employee disengagement? Poor leadership.

Authors Rosen and Brown, for their book Leading People, compiled findings from more than a dozen studies that focused on leading companies from the Forbes 500, Fortune 500, seven hundred privately-held firms, and interviews at the three thousand largest companies in America, and Rosen and Brown found that current leadership is costing American companies more than half their human potential. To put that another way, improved leadership alone could double worker productivity. This translates directly to the bottom line. The single biggest influence on employee commitment and performance is the leadership skills of their managers.

7 Full Days of Facilitated Onsite Leadership Development or Twelve, Three Hour Workshops – 42 Hours of Total Content Time.

10 Foundational Competencies for Leadership Success – Communication, Engagement, Coaching and Self-Mastery, Empowerment, Decision Making, Thinking and Risk, Relationships and Power, Innovation and Change and Planning and Vision.

Everything DiSC Management Assessment – 30 Plus Pages of Style and Approach Guidance.  Learn More About this Great Tool HERE.

LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership – Book with Over 300 Pages of Tips, Tactics and Strategies to Help You Succeed as a Leader.  Learn More About the Book HERE.

Customized Leadership TRANSFORM Binder with Program Guides for Each Competency – Great Reference and Refresher Tool

Customized Completion Certificate

Follow-Up Tools Including:

Additional Sessions Easily Added for Your Needs:


Your location.  Some travel restrictions may apply.

Group Size: 

Ten person minimum, 18 person maximum.  This is a highly interactive and participation driven program so smaller group sizes are needed.  Smaller groups for executive teams will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Aegis Learning is committed to you and committed to providing the highest impact and value available.  Please select the “Contact Us for More Information” button to receive a specific quote and more details.  Discounts are available for multiple offerings and returning customers.

  • Statistically Accurate and Best Practice Proven Learning

  • Highly Engaging and Fun Delivery

  • 25 Years Experience with Verifiable Results and References

  • Certified, Experienced and Well Educated Facilitators

  • Free Follow-Up Tools

Attending an Aegis Learning program is like no other.  There are activities designed to reinforce learning.  There is a great deal of interaction and engagement.  There is laughter and fun.  There is learning.  The kind of learning that has an immediate and lasting impact on results.

Nevada P.O.S.T. has approved Leadership IMPACT for 18 Credit Hours.  Course #P3430001

All of Aegis Learning’s programs have passed rigorous standards to be approved for continuing education credits.  We will assist you in obtaining the credits you have earned and work with your approving agency.  Among the dozens of organizations we have worked with for continuing education credits include:

  • Building Inspectors and Building Officials
  • Law Enforcement (POST)
  • Teachers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Nursing
  • Legal
  • Construction Management
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate
  • Banking and Finance

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