Q3 – Emotional, Relational, and Situational Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence (Personal and Social)

  • Situational Intelligence and Awareness

  • Relational Intelligence

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Q3 Emotional Intelligence, Relational Intelligence and Situational Intelligence from Aeigs Learning


Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results


Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Social Awareness

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Social Skills

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Situational Awareness

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Situational Adaptation

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Relationship Depth

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Relationship Quality

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Q3 is the groundbreaking combination of three pieces of intelligence that neuroscientists and behaviorists indicate have a greater impact on success than traditionally measured IQ.  Q3 combines learning and growth in emotional intelligence, relational intelligence and situational intelligence to provide an incredible growth in personal and professional success factors.  This highly validated set of skills is powerful for leaders, sales professionals, customer service providers and entrepreneurs.

The growth begins with Emotional Intelligence and creating useable and validated skills related to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social tactics.  Dr. Daniel Goleman’s work comes alive with the Aegis Learning approach that combines discovery, discussion and mastery of this valuable set of skills.

Situational Intelligence is groundbreaking work exclusive to Aegis Learning.  At work, in social settings and in society, we are faced with many situations from difficult team members, meetings with senior leaders, interactions at home and even sitting in a traffic jam.  This part of the program reviews situations and both appropriate responses and inappropriate/awkward responses that are designed to raise cognitive awareness and recognition.  Situational Intelligence also adds skills related to physical space and cause/effect events that are very common in everyday life.

Aegis Learning also pioneered the approach to Relational Intelligence.  This emerging science and related practical applications allows participants to measure, evaluate and build stronger and more meaningful relationships at work, home, with customers, with team members and throughout life.  Relational Intelligence also engages powerful networking tools and reviews relationship based influence needed by leaders.  

Cognitive Learning

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Affective Learning

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

Kinesthetic Learning

Aegis Learning Edge is in Impact, Value and Results

In-Person Facilitated Version (Please Contact Us for Details):

  • 12 Hour Facilitator Guided Learning (Four, 3 Hour Sessions or Two, 6 Hour Sessions)
  • Certified Facilitators
  • Everything DiSC Assessment
  • Program Guides
  • Completion Certificate
  • All Follow-Up Tools
  • Attendance Tracking and Reporting
  • Continuing Educating Unit Availability

On-Line Program:

  • Self-Paced Online Learning with Video, Reading, Activities and Audio Content
  • 6 to 9 Hours of Total Content
  • Everything DiSC Assessment
  • Program Guide (Downloadable)
  • Completion Certificate
  • Continuing Education Unit Availability

Q3 Emotional, Relational and Situational Intelligence is best used with:

  • Team Members
  • Customer Contact and Sales Professionals
  • Emerging Leaders/High Potential Candidates
  • Supervisors and Team Leads
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Executives
  • Business Owners

Leadership is not inherited.  Leadership is not dependent on title.  Leadership genes have not been discovered and are not passed from generation to generation.

Leadership is a set of learned competencies, that when mastered, create great synergy between team members and the leader and drive significantly higher results for any organization.  Anyone can learn leadership and anyone can become a leader. The baseline concept for leadership is a people focus.

People are led and processes are managed.  Outstanding leaders are people focused.  This is a non-negotiable reality.

The research and work for the competencies associated with leadership and management began in 1992. The results were first published, based on a limited sampling size, in 1993. The data and conclusions were again published and revalidated in 1996, 2003, 2010 and 2014.

Although discouraged on several occasions, the work used both quantitative and qualitative methods. The qualitative research related to the grouping and clustering of skills into competencies and competency groups. Simply stated, clarity is a skill in the competency of communication. Leadership then becomes a cluster of ten competencies.

The original sampling size was a little over 1,000 respondents with 700 being noted as successful leaders and 300 being failed leaders. The current database has 11,616 respondents with approximately the same ratio of success to failure.

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